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Dr. Kolodjski is the Clinic Director for Natural Health Center, and is a licensed doctor of
Chiropractic.  He graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 1996 and has been in
active private practice since.  In addition to a Chiropractic degree he also received his
Acupuncture certification and his 100-hour certification in Applied Kinesiology during this time as
well.  Dr. Kolodjski has continued to study extensively in the pursuit to find the best that natural
medicine has to offer.  In 1997 he began a 3-year postgraduate Chiropractic Neurology program
and completed this in 2000.  Also during this time, he continued expanding his knowledge in
Applied Kinesiology by teaching with his long time friend and colleague Dr. Robert Rakowski.  In
1998 he established Center for Health & Healing in St. Paul, Minnesota and in 1999 he opened a
second location in Burnsville, Minnesota.  Later that same year he married his lovely native
Houstonian bride, Jan, and sold his 2 Minnesota based clinics and relocated to Houston, Texas.  While continuing in private
practice he furthered his love for teaching by developing a National Boards Part IV Chiropractic preparation course called
Digital Review Systems aimed at helping students achieve their licensure.  In 2003 he established Natural Health Center,
which is where he has been practicing full-time ever since.  Dr. Kolodjski's overall vision is to blend the best that science
has to offer while maintaining the art of practice.  This led him to pursue Nutrition Response Testing's Advanced Clinical
Training program, which he and his bride, Jan, completed in June of 2009 making them the only two ACT certified clinicians
within the Houston, Texas area.  In addition to Advanced Clinical Training, Dr. Kolodjski is also pursuing his Family Nurse
Practitioner degree through Texas A&M Corpus Christi.  His hope is to complete this program by late 2010 or early 2011,
which will allow him to blend the best of what alternative and conventional medicine have to offer.  To read Dr. Kolodjski's
full bio click on the following link:
Read Dr. Kolodjski's Full Bio

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Jan Friedrichs Kolodjski is the Office Manager and Patient Advocate for Natural Health Center.  
She has been a registered massage therapist since 1992, and is certified in Reiki, Reflexology
and Neuromuscular Therapy.  Her background in natural medicine has been life-long and was
kindled by her father's quest to find a natural means to heal his body from the numerous toxic
exposures to DDT and other extremely poisonous chemicals he received while serving in WWII
and in the Korean War.  She has an extensive background in Applied Kinesiology, and has been
actively studying this technique since 1997.  Since then she has continued to further her
education by enrolling in Nutrition Response Testing's Advanced Clinical Training program.  Both
she and Dr. Jason completed this extensive course work in June of 2009, making them the only
two ACT certified clinicians within the Houston, Texas area.  Jan is also a certified First Line
Therapy clinician whereby she has been thoroughly trained in how to teach people to eat right, exercise, manage stress,
and properly supplement the diet with various nutritional supports.
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