Read the descriptions of each form below and download the applicable patient forms below.  Please have them completed
prior to your arrival.  Call the clinic and speak with the office manager if you have any questions regarding any of the
forms.  We strive to stay on time or early, so please arrive 15 minutes before your alloted appointment time.  Thank you
and we look forward to seeing you!
neck or nerve pain that radiates into the arms or legs.

A comprehensive patient workup is for anyone looking for a natural alternative for any condition of the body.  This could
range from blood sugar problems to breathing difficulties.  Our comprehensive patient workups fall into 2 categories.  The
first category is called "mild complexity" and the second category is called "moderate/severe complexity."  These two
categories relate to how severe your condition is.  It is very important to know if your condition is mildly complex or
moderate/severly complex because this will dictate what type of appointment and workup you need.  Please download and
complete the following questionnaire to determine what level of workup you require.

Once you know your complexity level you can download & complete the appropriate intake form for you.

Lastly, call the clinic and set up an appointment once you have downloaded the completed the appropriate forms if you
have not done so already.  Thank you and we look forward to seeing you!
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